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Country Living Supplies Since 1966
Trust us to deliver

Welcome to JRK Campbell & Co, suppliers of quality calves, animal 皇冠球网比分s, agricultural, clothing and country supplies. We supply a wide range of dairy and beef farming equipment and 皇冠球网比分s, as well as a pig and poultry products and quality outdoor clothing for work and leisure.

Our aim is to supply all your country needs. So please browse the categories to find agricultural products, livestock 皇冠球网比分s, fertilisers, leisure and work clothing, household goods, fuel and oil, building supplies and other categories.

Our website is in its infancy and the products which we have listed to buy online are a small proportion of the stock we have available. We have over 9000 products in stock and can access many more.

If you can't find a certain item on the website, don't assume that we don't stock it. We are currently updating the website each day and thousands of products haven't been uploaded yet.

We are happy to deal with any enquiries that you may have so don't hesitate to contact us using our online enquiry form or calling the shop on 01848 330419.

Company History

JRK Campbell & Co was established in 1966 by Jim & Anne Campbell. Originally dairy and beef farming, we have gradually diversified to suppliers of animal 皇冠球网比分s, quality calves, clothing and country supplies. The shop and warehouse is situated at Camling, Penpont, Thornhill, Dumfries, employing 6 staff. Our products include:

  • Animal 皇冠球网比分s
  • Wide range of pet foods and accessories
  • Horse 皇冠球网比分s and accessories
  • Fertilisers and grass seeds
  • Vast range of agricultural products
  • Building materials
  • Fencing materials and equipment
  • Household products
  • Wide range of quality clothing
  • Garden furniture, materials and equipment
  • Dairy chemicals
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